Spring in the garden

Spring sprung in the garden early this year, thanks to an incredibly mild winter and all the glorious rain we’ve enjoyed lately in Central Texas. Things are looking good – with a few minor setbacks. This weekend we plant tomatoes, peppers and eggplant.

The potatoes are doing fantastic. In the foreground is Red Pontiac, with All Blue and Austrian Crescent right behind, and two Desiree in the very back. I am so excited for all of these! This weekend we are adding more soil to cover most of the plants so they produce more roots and hence more tubers.
The artichoke has three chokes going. This one is ready to harvest, and we will eat it on Friday as an appetizer, steamed and served with a vinaigrette like my mom does.
There is a mass of cilantro volunteers growing on the gravel path, from when I harvested the mature seed heads to save coriander seeds. Many fell on the ground, and thanks to the rain, they are thriving. I have been pulling whole little plants to cook with, including some cilantro pesto I used atop pan-seared barramundi fillets over the weekend. To the left, in the garden bed, is the spearmint. Mojito season is upon us!
The biggest disappointment: all the Tuscan kale I planted to become part of Resolution Gardens was devoured by the great snail invasion of 2012 and bolted early due to warm weather. No freezing temps and so much rain have contributed to this massive influx of slimy critters. I despise them. The only way to get rid of them is to hand pick them which, much to my horror, I will have to do this week in order to save some of the Swiss chard which is also affected. UGH.
Sweet pea blooms
After all the rains, the sweet peas took off and are blooming profusely. they smell amazing. Right now they are growing in pots inside the metal tower structure, but we are getting ready to build a permanent bed under it to plant climbing beans.
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