October celebrations

Been away for too long, writing for money instead of for fun. But I am ready to get back into action here! I have been collecting a bunch of photos from recent gastronomic adventures, so here’s a quick post to catch up on some of the delicious things I have encountered lately.

Chile en nogada, one of Mexico’s most iconic dishes. It was the September special at El Meson on S. Lamar to celebrate Mexican Independence Day.

Aji sashimi at Uchiko, on my birthday. The guys know I LOVE the crispy fried skeleton, so they always make it for me.

Uchiko: grilled kurobuta pork belly, carrot puree and greens, pecan soil

Uchiko: celery sorbet. When Tyson brought it over I said “ooh, cucumber!” to which he replied “Cucumber? what do you think this is, Uchi?” It was delicious.

My birthday lunch: sunfish cebiche and tuna tiradito at La Sombra.

Our wedding anniversary bottle, from the year we met. A fabulous find at Travis Heights Beverage World, recommended by Eric.

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