Juice Fast, Day 9: The “Media Event at Uchiko” Challenge

I ended up not making my juice last night. Had plenty of juice to go all day since I got a half gallon of my Vampiro and half gallon of Love Cleanse earlier in the day. I ended up making a “house blend” of 1/3 Love Cleanse to 2/3 Vampiro. For extra effect, I rimmed a pint glass with lime and sea salt and drank my dinner in there. It was so awesome I am having that for dinner again tonight. As soon as this juice fast is over, this here drink will be enhanced by a shot of fine silver tequila. Hell yeah.

My dinner last night and tonight: 1/3 green juice with 2/3 Vampiro.

Today I was full of energy, getting lots of work done and meeting two tight deadlines. Whew. Then I headed to Uchiko for the announcement to the media and official launch of the new Austin Food and Wine Festival.  Having spent eight years involved with the Texas Hill Country Wine & Food Festival, I felt that attending this launching party was not just important as a journalist but on a personal level, as the closing of one chapter of my life. More renewal for 2012.

By the way, the former festival and its board members are starting a new chapter as the Austin Food & Wine Alliance, a non-profit organization that will be the direct beneficiary of the aforementioned festival. More on that and my involvement in the future.

So here I am, at Uchiko, with a bunch of my colleagues and chef friends, all sipping delicious wines and Prosecco, and eating tiny bites of perfection from the Uchiko kitchen, while I held a juice in my hand. A large Tree of Life lasted me the hour and a half event, to the amazement of everyone who knows me. If you want proof, here you go:

My friend Pat Sharpe, food editor of Texas Monthly, holds a tiny plate of hamachi tataki with maitake mushrooms, lemon oil, and clam jus, while I sip on my Tree of Life.

I heard nothing but words of encouragement from all my colleagues and friends, many saying “there’s no way I could do this,” and me replying “yes there is!” Just a few days ago I didn’t think I was going to make it. So there. I passed the Uchiko test. Pony up, Matt Shook!

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