Juice Fast, Day 10: Resolutions part II

Today is the last day of my first ever 10-day juice fast. To say it was easy would be absolute bull: the first five days were so hard, and a true test of my resolve. Most people that know me already are aware that if you dare me to do something, it is likely I will do it. So I did.

Today, my main man Bryce, manager at JuiceLand at Barton Springs who also started a fast the same day I did, set me up with a pineappley Ninja Bachelor Party to start the day, a rich and creamy Tri-Pinnacle, a refreshing TigerLilly, and my very own Vampiro blend, which I have been drinking through the day.

Ingredients for one glass of Tri-Pinnacle: water and flesh from one coconut, a bunch of kale and spinach, and frozen avocado cubes.

One thing I know for sure is that this experience has been life-changing. I feel healthy, I have energy; my allergies have not quite disappeared but have cleared noticeably. I have not weighed myself – first of all because I don’t own a scale, and secondly because that was not the purpose of this cleansing- but I can already tell my pants’ waistlines are a little looser. At yesterday’s event at Uchiko, many people commented on this fact. I also heard things like “you look radiant!” Indeed, my skin feels different, especially my face. I started noticing that after about the fifth day: softer, cleaner, and clearer. My friend Julie had commented that perhaps I “shouldn’t stray too far away from the bathroom,” but that was really never the case.  Because of the sheer quantities of liquid I have been consuming daily, I get to pee a lot. But hey, I also pee a lot when I am drinking wine or beer, so no biggie there.

Here’s what goes in the TigerLilly: celery, kale, parsley, spinach, cucumber and wheatgrass.

When I was first talking to Matt about doing this, he recommended I watch the documentary Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead for inspiration. A few weeks later Troy Polamalu, one of my favorite athletes of all time, did the same on his Facebook page. So finally Will and I watched it last night, and I think it should be required viewing for every single American. In the movie, director Joe Cross calls the process a “reboot” of your system. I could not have put it better myself. If you have any serious health problems you should consult with a doctor or professional nutritionist first, but man, if you have the need to lose weight and get healthy in a way that makes perfect sense scientifically and physically, you should seriously consider a juice fast. It is really not that hard. It’s all in your head. It’s definitely not gonna kill you, and it will definitely make you stronger in mind and body. Bring it on, Year of the Dragon! (more on this coming soon…)

So my next resolution is to do one of these 10-day juice “reboots” every three months to help my body heal from all the abuse I put it through. I don’t really eat junk food, candy, sodas, or other crap like that, but now and then I indulge in things like BBQ, ice cream, and lots of wine. Body deserves a break. All in moderation.

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  1. Way to go! What resolve and I too have learned that there is no lesson greater in appreciation then taking away something that you love. Thank you for sharing your love and knowledge of food with us and for sharing this journey. While I am not ready for a 10 day fast, I will go out tomorrow and try the Claudia Vampiro. You have inspired me!

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