Gardening in Austin in August…

…is indeed a perilous affair. One must be ready for heartbreak, hard work, and ingenuity.
The first week after planting the tomatoes was brutal, and despite watering daily I lost my prized Black Krim tomato. To my deep despair, it was too late to replace it. So I will have to settle for Juliet Grape and Super Fantastic, that is if they survive. In  order to make sure we could pick tomatoes by October, Will and I constructed some inexpensive plant umbrellas made with commercially bought tomato cages and row cover:

Creating shade for the fragile tomato babies

This next solution requires a talented and creative metal artist with a welder on site…lucky for me I married one!
Will made this simple hoop frame, and we covered it with window screen fastened with clothes pins. It is light weight and easily moved around the garden as needed. The bell pepper and eggplant are much happier now, and the eggplant has even set tiny fruit!

This nifty frame works as protection from the sun, frost, and marauding doggies!

But not everything is bad news in the Austin summer garden. Here’s how our first attempt at corn is going:

Hurray corn!

The Persian Baby cucumbers and the Scarlett Runner beans that I planted in starter pots are ready to be set in the garden, so they will go in tonight so they can settle in overnight before the shock from the August sun. More sunscreens will be needed…

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  1. MAn, my garden has been an exercise in futility all summer long. Can’t keep it happy. Bring on the winter gardens!

  2. Hola nena! Pues nosotros creo que ahí la llevamos con nuestros beibis… el perejil está dando su pelea y también el tomate… los demás parece que la van a librar bien. MIURGE que vayamos al natural gardener a comprar los nutrientes y que me avises cuando debo plantar los otros vegetales y yerbas. YA TE QUIERO VER DE NUEX! AH, y antes que lo olvide… mi padre quiere llevarse la receta del cocktail yucateco… me la mandas por email huerca?! please
    besitos composteros

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