Spring in the garden

April was just such a hectic month around here that I barely had time to get the garden going, but not to write about it.  First, the last of the winter garden has been harvested, processed and eaten. Lots of spinach, Swiss chard, snow peas, parsnips and beets have been gracing the table.

Spring in the sink: Rainbow Swiss chard, parsnips, beets, and peas getting a bath before processing.

Tonight’s dinner features a roast chicken with the last of the parsnips. They have been wonderful, and I am so glad I decided to give them a try last year. They are so expensive at the store, and really fuss free to grow!  I have almost finished planting the spring and summer garden and I must say that I am very pleased with how things are looking.

A view of the chile, cucumber, and eggplant bed.

This is what’s growing in the garden right now:

~ Chiles: ‘Holy Mole’ pasilla, ‘Mariachi’, Serrano ‘Del Sol’, Jalapeño, Hungarian Hot Wax

~’Rainbow’ carrots

~’Bright Lights’ Swiss chard

~Tomatoes: ‘Black Krim’, ‘Purple Calabash, ‘Costuloto’, ‘Celebrity’, ‘Valley Girl’, ‘Persimmon’, ‘Peacevine Cherry’ (in the Troy Experiment upside down hanger)

~ Green and purple tomatillos

~Eggplant: ‘Gretel’ white (in a pot), ‘Ichiban’, ‘Brazilian Oval Orange’

~Cucumbers: ‘Green Fingers’ baby Persian, ‘Bush Pickle’

~Potatoes: ‘Yukon Gold’, ‘Russian Banana’, ‘All Blue’, ‘Kennebec’ white, planted in plastic pots and in recycled PVC pipes

~Melons: ‘Israeli’, ‘Charenton’, ‘Rainbow Sherbet’ icebox watermelon

~Squash: ‘Early white scallop’

~Celeriac ‘Prague’ as an experiment; two in the ground and two in pots

~Onions: ‘White Bermuda’ and ‘Red Belle’, both in the ground and in pots

~Beans: ‘Magic beanstalk’ Scarlett runner, planting ‘Rattlesnake’ and ‘Purple Pole’  tomorrow

The potatoes in the white PVC pipe segments and a couple in plastic pots, plus baby watermelons, scallop squash, and melons.

Thanks to the awesome Edible Landscapes book, I have started mixing edibles, herbs, and ornamentals more freely. The artichoke and Cerinthe Major are doing great in the Mediterranean herb bed, and the tropical herb bed is thriving with lemon balm, lemon thyme, Thai basil, Sweet  William, Blue Daze, Drummond Phlox, calendula (volunteers!), lemongrass, red sorrel, epazote, and of course, the lovely Meyer lemon tree.

I love the froggy bird bath as an accent, and the song birds have been showing!

In the pots I have Zinger hibiscus, aka Jamaica, and ginger I planted from an organic root I bought at Central Market. I am considering transplanting it to the ground as it is getting tool hot for it in the pot. Maybe I’ll just move it to a shadier spot. Container gardening is that great! Honestly, I really think this is the best garden EVER, finally. Knock on wood…

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