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I started a garden journal a while back, recording planting dates, varieties, success and failures, etc. These days I find that “update journal” finds itself on my “to do” list every week and has not been done…in months. I thought perhaps, since I spend more time here than anywhere, I could use this medium to keep up with my own garden while sharing with you, my dear readers.

So, from the update aspect, here is what has been going on since I started planting the spring/summer garden.

February 20:  planted ‘Oregon Giant’ edible pod peas which are shooting up nicely.  I also planted “Seascape” everbearing strawberries in three pots around the garden. Have not tried growing them in ages, but since one of this year’s garden resolutions is to grow more fruit, I though I’d give them a shot. They are growing rapidly and are already blooming. Since hardly any of my cut-and-come-again lettuce seeds made it into seedlings (thanks, Pickles) I bought four individual ones to tide me over, mostly red leaf and butterheads. This one I could not resist:

'Drunken Woman Frizzy Head' lettuce. How could I resist buying THAT!

February 23:

The garden covered in snow. Couldn't believe it. Pretty, though, and nothing died!

February 28:  Planted three kinds of potatoes, a crop I have never tried before. Yukon Gold, Kennebunk and La Soda were recommended at The Natural Gardener, so that’s what went in. Also planted some ornamentals, ‘Cerinthe major’ a hardy perennial with showy blue bell-shaped flowers, apparently a hummingbird magnet, and  Love in a Mist ‘Hispanica’, a plant I was very excited about but unfortunately didn’t make it.  Three kinds of larkspur, ‘L.A. Pink’, ‘Blue bell’, and ‘Lilac Mix’ went in, the snails ate one, think the Lilac. Hate those things.

March 23: Last time I reported I thought  all the potatoes gone the compost way, but upon further inspection yesterday, at least 5 out of 8 are sprouting. Now I just have to figure out a way to keep Rosie the garden thief out of there. The loose soil heaps and trenches are just too much for her to resist. While I was inspecting and digging out some carrots for dinner, I caught her digging out the radishes!! A dog that eats radish??? Really! My little ‘Petit Dejuner’ are poking out of the ground quickly, and their beautiful color was probably attractive enough to Rosie to try. She ran away with one in her mouth and chomped it down, then came back for more. One time is cute, but the second time she had to be stopped. Unfortunately I have no photographic evidence.

Also pulled the cauliflowers and some more of the greens to make room to plant the tomatoes this week. Cooked the cauliflower leaves with some mustard greens, dandelion leaves, and carrot greens as a side dish to a roasted chicken with garden carrots and store potatoes.  I will report after planting tomatoes and peppers over the weekend. There will likely be a recipe since I am pulling most of the greens and they need to go somewhere -unless it is the compost pile.

Carrots, cauliflower greens and dandelions, taking a bath before (becoming) dinner.

Simple, cheap, and delicious dinner. The greens could have gone to the comport pile, but not in this house!

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  1. Hi Clod!
    I’ve been enjoying your blog and especially Pickles the carrot eatin’ dog. What was the name of your little gray kitty that you had when you and Carl were roomies? Was it Nala? Anyway, it is nice to see an old friend doing well. Hope the snails don’t give you too much trouble, but I seem to recall you baiting them with beer, fattening them up and serving them with garlic butter.
    Write if you get time,

  2. Jules! How great to hear from you my friend. The little grey kitty was Naña, and according to Karl, it meant “the crops are dying” because she would lay in the middle of the garden on top of the dead plants. The snails are mostly gone and you are right about the beer bait, I just don’t eat them…can’t get past the slimy appearance when they’re alive. I know they are supposed to be great, but I just can’t do it. Will write more later, and thanks for reading!

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