Garden Update ~ Fall garden and football!

Two of my most favorite things are getting going this weekend, my fall garden and football season! Well, technically football started  last week as my Horns polished the poor Rice Owls…but Sunday is the first day of Steelers football and I cannot be happier. I am most curious to see how Dennis Dixon responds to being thrown in the limelight so suddenly, I like his game and I sure have high hopes for him. So disappointed in Ben Roethlisberger…if we can keep Troy Polamalu healthy and DD can connect with Heath Miller, we should come out alright. Atlanta is a tough and much hated team…

It’s also time to get back in the garden now that the rain has dried out. Today we cleaned  beds in preparation for tomorrow’s (allergy permitting…) planting. We are aiming for a very efficient and productive garden this fall. Last weekend I planted the cucumber and scarlet runner bean transplants, and after all the rain they are looking great.

Persian baby 'Green Fingers' cucumber seedlings.

I also found a Poblano pepper plant (yay!), and a “Sweet 100” cherry tomato for the upside-down planter. Our friend Troy gave it to me, so I will conduct the Troy Experiment to see how the thingy works (or not).  The last storm broke off all the tall basil plants so Will pulled them; there is still enough basil to last me the rest of the season anyway. I also pulled the corn, which failed miserably, and am debating whether to try and plant again. Next to the cucumbers I am planting radishes as they are reputedly good garden companions. Other planned crops are carrots, beets, fennel bulb, celery (trying to grow for the root…), spinach, Tuscan kale (couldn’t get enough of those kale chips last year), Swiss chard, lettuce, arugula, cauliflower, and some Asian greens (baby bok choy, perhaps?), plus some herbs for the herb bed: parsley, lemon balm, edible flowers. All of these will get planted between tomorrow and the next couple of weekends. Updates forthcoming.

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  1. Yikes! Sounds like a ton of work, chiquis. Chris and I are looking for some big tubs since our little ones have been so successful -except for the upside down tomato planter. No fault of the planter, the plant was going great, with lots of flowers, but the buds weren’t setting. Then there was a funky worm infestation, and it was all downhill from there. Maybe we will try again. You inspire me…

  2. You inspire me too mamacita! I have my cell phone back… will call you soon so we can keep planing and planting my garden too… el perejil sobrevivio pero con la lluvia los mini pimientos “se acostaron”… a ver si los podemos levantar… need to know what is next huerca! besitos

  3. Happy to hear I’m not the only gardener who is also a football fan! I just pulled most of my tall basil plants, too. Your crop plan sounds great! I went ahead and sowed lettuce seeds today, but I know I’ll have to spritz them at least twice a day for awhile.

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