Dia de los Muertos

I had hoped to publish this posting last Monday, the start day of Dia de los Muertos…unfortunately I only managed to take photos and then got busy with deadlines for various publications. In the “better late than never” category, here are some photos of our annual celebration.

We used the “natural” arch of the kitchen and dining room wall to set up the ofrenda this year, and we both agreed it was the most beautiful we have done at the house. I used banana leaves from our tree and hand-embroidered linens from my recently inherited family collection.

We had friends over on Halloween night to watch the Steelers game so we celebrated Dia de los Muertos then. I bought lovely pan de muerto from Panaderia Chuy’s, the absolute best Mexican bakery in Austin, and acceptable banana leaf tamales from La Michoacana market. I had meant to make them, but ran out of time in the end. Had I known I would have ordered from Sazon or El Naranjo. Oh well. I did manage to make a quick tamal Azteca with chicken in mole, using the mole poblano paste I had in the fridge since my last trip home. We had plenty of wine, beer, and tequila, so the celebration was a success. Everyone liked the food and learned more about our festival honoring the dead. Next year, we will do it right, hopefully. I’d like to have a bigger party and invite more friends to share the tradition.

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  1. Yastax! Cuenta conmigo para la próxima celebración… este año ya no tuve chance de hacer nada 🙁 Miss you perrush!

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