“I am here to tell you the tale of hanging out with Claudia Alarcon, a local food writer with a tremendous amount of energy, life, and knowledge of the local Tex-Mex and Interior Mex food scene. Claudia has the food knowledge of the Austin food scene that only someone who has lived here for 28 years could posses. She grew up in Mexico City, moved to Austin at 18, and has an innate ease when discussing all things related to Mexican cuisine.  I thoughtfully asked if she would take me on a taco tour of Austin. Thankfully for me, she said yes.  Her passion for her City and its cuisine is absolutely infectious.”
Theo Peck of the Brooklyn-based The Food Experiments

“My favorite part of our trip to Mexico City was the day we spent with Claudia and Verónica exploring Xochimilco. Driving into the borough is like traveling back in time as the streets get narrower and the seams of Lake Xochimilco begin to show through, in an intricate pattern of canals and floating farms. The pressure of the city is replaced by a quiet I didn’t experience elsewhere in the city. Our system of transportation changed to boat, and we were ferried into a world of farms growing flowers, trees, vegetables and even an animal preserve (my daughter’s favorite part). The farms are built as they were hundreds of years ago. It is like stepping into a new world where time has stopped, the air is fresh, the only sounds are of birds and water. Hours later we wandered through the market, tasting the produce we had seen on the farms; greens, fresh queso and peppers, the richest elote I’ve ever tried. Traveling with Claudia and Verónica is like having an adventure with friends who are unusually articulate and especially fun. I can’t wait to do it again.”
Katie Bender, Austin, Texas