Mexico City & Surrounding Areas

"Buñuelos filled with roast duck, topped with black mole poured at the table at Azul Condesa, one of the best new restaurants in D.F.

Buñuelos filled with roast duck, topped with black mole poured at the table at Azul Condesa, a highly regarded restaurant from award-winning chef Ricardo Muñoz Zurita.

Despite the violence that grips many parts of Mexico, Mexico City remains one of the safest cities in the country, not more dangerous than any other large world metropolis. I would love to show you around Mexico City’s cultural, historical, and gastronomical attractions.

Traveling with the guidance of a fully bilingual and bi-cultural native as your host ensures you will avoid tourist traps, dangerous places, and foods that can make you sick. Instead you will see these places through the eyes of their inhabitants. You will staying in boutique hotels, peruse markets, learn from the locals, and have a fun-filled, once-in-a-lifetime experience.

We will cover the full spectrum of the fabric that weaves Mexico D.F, from lunch on a boat in the canals of Xochimilco to a five-course dinner paired with Mexican wines at a highly regarded chef-driven restaurant.

In a customized tour of Mexico City you will:

  • Visit to neighborhood gems, famous cantinas, food and arts markets, specialty stores
  • Taste artisanal mezcal and Mexican wines
  • Visit to San Juan Teotihuacan, including a tour of archeological site and a stop in town for local specialties
  • Visit lesser known attractions and day trips to nearby cities and towns
  • Visit seasonal fiestas and food fairs

I promise plenty of activity but also time for leisure, shopping, and relaxing for those who wish to slow down. Tours are designed for a maximum of 10 people, so everyone can enjoy a personal, laid-back experience.