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Picking up 2010 with renewed energy, lots of projects and hopes, including a commitment to make this blog much better. I am still learning to use this tool, so I expect lots more to come.

Today, I start the new year with some sports and recipes. The College Football Championship fever has Austin upside down, and I am at the forefront of it, of course. With temperatures expected to be the lowest since 1996, we are looking at highs in the 30s and lows in the teens for the next 4-5 days. Brrr. So, we dutifully pruned and mulched all the perennials in the garden, covered the tropical beds, and harvested all the beets and a handful of carrots. This gave me an idea: a Burnt Orange menu for tonight’s game watching. Will thinks I am nuts. Yeah, what’s new?

I made an Almost-Burnt Orange Beet & Carrot soup with the harvest. Although not quite the right color, it made a delicious and warming  light lunch to start the day right.

Almost-Burnt Orange Beet & Carrot Soup. Super delicious, if I may say so.

Almost-Burnt Orange Beet & Carrot Soup. Super delicious, if I may say so.

For tonight, I will try carrot soup since I picked a bunch of them, and will add a bit of fried tomato paste for a hint of tartness and Burnt Orange. Just look at these beauties:

Fresh from the garden, 'Nantes' carrots, with an odd white carrot sneaking in.

Fresh from the garden, ‘Nantes’ carrots, with an odd white carrot sneaking in.

For the main course I am considering a butternut squash risotto from Lidia’s Italy, or perhaps some orange roughy? We will drink a hybrid mimosa with Cava and freshly squeezed tangerine juice from the lovely fruit from our neighbor Paul’s tree. The tree was already there when he moved in so we’re not sure of the variety, but they could be tsatsumas or clementines. Either way, they are amazing.

Tsatsumas? Clementines? don't know. Organic, fresh picked, delish, though.

Tsatsumas? Clementines? don’t know. Organic, fresh picked, delish, though.

With these babies, I just made a drink I call “The Hook’em-mosa”, with fresh juice, cava, and a dash of Sanbitters. Two strips of peel that you can bite into add a double dose of tangerine taste and a pleasant bitterness. Yum. I am enjoying one with Pickles in her full Longhorn outfit:

Pickles and me: Hook’em!

And here’s Pickles enjoying a treat of her own:

Look at her…she’s almost smiling! Love my dog…

This is my prep for my Lets Kick The bleeep Out Of Alabama All-Burnt Orange Dinner:  cream of garden carrot soup, wild sockeye salmon in roasted orange pepper and tomato sauce, Lidia’s butternut squash risotto. Plenty of Hooke’m-mosas and a dash of El Milagro tequila, hoping for the miracle.

Burnt Orange Dinner prep. I’ll post the winning recipes tomorrow, hangover permitting

For dessert, I am having a 31-28 win and cava on my head. Yeah! My doggie waits and my sweetie is handing me an El Milagro so I must run. Here’s hoping to a great game and another heartwarming repeat of the 2005 win. Recipes tomorrow, hangover permitting.


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  1. Mi amiga hermosa! Nomás porque no le hago al futbol americano pero con tremendo menú y ya hasta le voy a los Horns! Que pena que perdieron… sorry dear!
    Me encanta leerte animada con tus proyectos y espero que escribas mucho mucho más… lo disfruto bastante preciosa!
    Me dió un gusto enorme verlos… tus pa’as! cueros! los amo!
    Hay que vernos pronto querida! Besitos

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