Better late than never, I guess

Back in late November of last year, I was interviewed by AOL’s Slashfood blogger Hanna Raskin on “Tamales for Thanksgiving.”  As is common in this kind of interview, some of my comments and assessments were misinterpreted or arranged to fit the author’s immediate story angle. Nevertheless, it’s my name out there and I am glad for that.  Read the article here:

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Considering I just had my fill of tamales in Mexico City during the most important and traditional holiday for eating tamales (Candlemass Day, Feb 2nd) it reminded me to share this story with my readers. Let me know what you think.

On that note, for those of you who can read Spanish, I also did an interview with the local Spanish language newspaper, Ahora Sí!  Tania Lara, a Mexico City native herself, did a better job at conveying my knowledge and ideas regarding the foodstuff that has consumed my life and research time for the last 10 years. Read Tania’s story here.

I’m working frantically to finish the book soon. My recent trip yielded new finds (as usual) and great photos. Here’s one just to whet your appetite.

Two tamales: blue corn masa stuffed with rajas and cheese from Zimapán, Hidalgo (open) and a wild mushroom and chile tamal (wrapped) from San Francisco Tetlanohcan, Tlaxcala

Since it’s still cold outside, I may hunker down and make some tamales next week. Will post recipe and pics, no worries.

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  1. Mi tamalera amiga: y que tendria que hacer una como para probar tus tamalitos de la proxima semana???!!!! jajajajaja
    Besos y abrazos para ti y el Williberto! xoxoxo

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