From the (almost) dead to the fall garden

Dear fans,

I am so sorry I have been AWOL from writing for a while. I ended up getting a nasty intestinal virus/bacteria, likely foster doggy induced, that has kept me from doing much of anything since last weekend. I haven’t been able to eat much other than bananas, boiled potatoes, clear broth, and saltines, none of which make for exciting blogging. I am on medication now and woke up feeling better after almost a week of pain, lack of sleep and bathroom visits.

Today, on my first day back in full action, I will head out to the Natural Gardener to pick up weekend supplies. It’s time to start the fall garden layout and planting!  Last weekend Will and I pulled all the tomatoes and I took cuttings of the best plants: Green Zebra, Superfantastic, and JD’s Black. Unfortunately the latter is beginning to wilt, the others are forming roots so they will go into gallon pots so I can keep them slightly shaded over the weekend which is supposed to hit 100 degrees. I also pulled the Armenian cucumber since it has been infected by aphids and mold, so I’ll try it again, and  perhaps a squash, too.

My 5 corn plants growing quickly next to the huge basil and Hungarian wax peppers!

I will plant more corn (the last sowing produced only 5 plants) and get some organic potatoes from Central Market to give them a shot since my last crop was so rewarding. I’ll mingle some pole beans in there too.  After I trim the basil massively I will “let it swim” in the sink with cold water while I take a well deserved dip myself. I will then make a big batch of pesto for the freezer and make sambal with all the ripe red chiles that are hanging from my plants. For dinner, I will likely have to take it easy, so maybe some grilled fish in hoja santa, grilled garden eggplant, and cucumber sorbet?

In a couple of weeks it will be time to plant beets, carrots, and radishes. Off to the plant store!

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  1. Vas a ver que ya vas a estar mejor perrush! Y que bueno que vienes este fin que nos urge nos aconsejes y enseñes como hacerle con nuestro jardín. Besitos mamacita

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